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The Pink Lemonade 2g Refined Live Resin™ 1.0g Cartridge, a vibrant blend of Lemonade and Jack Punch that promises a delightful mix of citrus, sugary, and floral notes in a sativa-dominant profile.

At Raw Garden, we strive for a higher standard, offering an enhanced experience for those who want to do more, celebrate more, and unwind more.

Our products are crafted from pure cannabis flowers, ensuring a delightful taste that undergoes rigorous testing to meet the most exacting quality standards. It’s this dedication to quality that makes Raw Garden the most trusted and best-selling brand in the cannabis industry.

image showing front of Pink Lemonade 2g raw garden cart on sale
Pink Lemonade 2g raw garden cart on sale

Experience the innovation of Raw Garden Refined Live Resin™ Vapes, meticulously designed to maximize potency and functionality for the best user experience. Our revolutionary post-extraction process removes non-psychoactive compounds like tannins, fats, and waxes found in Live Resin, enhancing vape cart performance. This results in our Refined Live Resin oil, a proprietary blend that retains the natural cannabis aroma and flavor while offering increased potency.

With you in mind, our proprietary oil ensures maximum functionality and potency, delivering the pure essence of the cannabis plant conveniently on the go. Elevate your vaping experience with Pink Lemonade from Raw Garden – where purity meets innovation.


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