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Introducing Leeroy’s Special Refined Live Resin™ 0.5g Cartridge, a fusion of Leeroy OG and (Jack Herer x Leeroy OG) for a tantalizing blend of fruity, floral, and gas notes in an indica profile.

At Raw Garden, we aim for a higher standard, offering an elevated experience for those looking to do more, celebrate more, and unwind more.

Image of half gram Leeroy's Special Refined Live Resin
Leeroy’s Special Refined Live Resin™ 0.5g Cartridge

Crafted from pure cannabis flowers, our products deliver a delightful taste and undergo rigorous testing to meet the most exacting quality standards. This commitment to quality has positioned Raw Garden as the most trusted and best-selling brand in the cannabis industry.

Explore the innovation of Raw Garden high-potency Refined Live Resin THC Vape Cartridges – 100% cannabis, with no additives, fillers, or artificial flavors. Sourced from cannabis flowers grown by Raw Garden in Central California, utilizing entirely organically-based and Clean Green-certified farming techniques. Our unique Cryogenically Flash-Frozen process immediately at harvest ensures the preservation of natural aromas, flavors, and terpenes, resulting in a cartridge high in THC.

Elevate your vaping experience with Leeroy’s Special, where purity meets innovation in every flavorful puff.


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